All About stelcart

My professional artistic career began in Dubai in 2010 after completing my bachelor of Fine Art at the Bauhaus in Germany. It began with markets, commissions and portraits, then transitioned into event work with speed painting and performance art. 

Other professional aspects were in graphic design, children's book illustration, mural painting, and even into the realm of virtual reality performance painting at corporate exhibitions. I've been lucky enough to travel to London, Texas, Bahrain, Sydney and all over the UAE with my performance painting. 

My two most noteable solo exhibitions have both been here in Dubai, one was called "Monster", and was large scale mixed media paintings, the other called "Hybrid Heroine" was digital prints, which also became my entry into the crypto art scene in October 2020.

I am currently represented by Super Rare, Foundation and Known Origin NFT art platforms. This new space is where I have found my calling, and I am learning fast, collaborating with other artists around the world, curating virtual art exhibitions, and have plans to bridge the gap between traditional and NFT art.